Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunsets Galore ! - Real Jamaica Vacation in Ocho Rios

Sunsets are such an awesome display of God's superb artistic ability.

Our neighbour directly across the street from us cut down his massive lychee tree last week, amidst much rejoicing and cheers from us at The Blue House.

The Blue House is once again blest with incredible sunsets, an ocean view, (or as we rightly say in Jamaica "sea view") and even a glimpse of Sandals Dunns River and the Riu Ocho Rios across the expanse of deep, blue waters. Lights twinkle at us from these hotels on clear nights and I fantasize that they're saying "Wha gwan, Blu Howse. Lang time mi nuh si yuh" in morse code. :)

My heart is singing and overflowing with joy at the return of these sights after being deprived of them for so many years!

At sunset most evenings my brother, Chef Darryl, laughs at me as I grab my camera and make a mad dash for the front balcony of our bed and breakfast, gleefully clicking away as I record umpteen versions of fiery sunsets like the one above.



Rseverin said...

What an incredible experience! It's very typical of Elise to find a way to make people's Jamaican dreams come true, but this sounds particuarly special.I guess the Blue House is not my secret anymore! See you this summer Elise.

N*E*R*D*[ Ap] said...




RedLyte - Come My Way

Unknown said...

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