Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Auntie" Elise's "Secret" Jamaica Rum Punch Recipe - The Blue House Ocho Rios Jamaica

OK so I finally have a little time to pluck at my keyboard to pass on "Auntie" Elise's Jamaica Rum Punch recipe to all you guys and gals who are having withdrawal symptoms having gotten hooked on my "secret" recipe ! LOL !!

It is a slight variation on our traditional Jamaica 1-2-3-4 rum punch recipe.

I've modified it slightly here to include ingredients that I hope will be easily accessible for you all.

one part sour - one cup bottled lemon juice

two parts sweet - 2 cups plain syrup. Look in any generic cook book for a recipe for simple syrup or cheat a little :) and buy "bar syrup" at you local booze shop

three parts strong - 3 cups Appleton "Red Rum" ie Appleton Special. Not overproof, not VX.

four parts weak - 4 cups chaser - suggestion 1 cup canned Grace fruit punch if it's available in the ethnic isle of your local supermarket or the nearest Jamaican/Caribbean Food store or your favourite fruit juice as long as it's not overly sweet, plus 3 cups water.

4 dash Angostura Bitters

Grated nutmeg - as much as you like John Michel ! :)

Pour over ice and enjoy while you reminisce about chilling at The Blue House Luxury Bed And Breakfast Villa and your next vacation here ! :)

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