Thursday, June 19, 2008

26 Angels Came To Visit at The Blue House In Ocho Rios Jamaica

When potential visitors to our various tourist towns tell friends and family about their desire to vacation in Jamaica they, most times, find themselves bombarded with stories about the exploding violence here and how undesirable and unsafe Jamaica is.

If there are any die hard Jamaican fans reading this, you will no doubt feel the urge to quickly point out that the tourist towns are safe, it is Kingston you have to avoid, in particular Kingston ghettos. Places like Riverton City and Trench Town.

Surely you would agree with me then, that it would take a very Powerful Spirit to motivate a 26 strong, mission trip team to volunteer to come to Jamaica, walk thru Riverton City and set up and run a week long sport camp for kids from this Kingston ghetto. A very, very powerful Spirit ! Maybe, too, they were 26 angels in disguise. :)

It was a real treat having these 26 stalwart angels turn up on the doorstep of The Blue House 3 weeks ago. They travelled from Kingston for a day and night of fun and frolic with sleeping bags and pool floats that served as miniture air mattresses. I smile every time I remember in my mind's eye, these high school youth from McQuaid Jesuit, in Rochester New York, sleeping scattered around my poolside curled up on lounge chairs, a flattened float that leaked air during the night, sprawled out in gazebos, on the couch, and any other surface they could wiggle into :).

It was my pleasure to arrange a 'Real Jamaica' vacation experience of a chilly, early morning plunge into the neighbouring White River

followed by breakfast on the river banks

before we all had to scramble to attend the rousing 10:30 worship service at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Ocho Rios.

Chris, JASY's Christian Service Director, popped me a thank you email on his return to the US saying, "We spent ten days in the beautiful island of Jamaica. We had catered meals, we ate out, and we ate in. By far the best meal we had in Jamaica was at the Blue House. The Blue House is a hidden treasure. The catered breakfast on the White River was a highlight of our trip. I give a huge endorsement to the the Blue House, and if anyone wants an inside testimony, please let me know."

My heart, my prayers, my thanks goes out to all 26 angels who, despite the numerous warnings and reports of violence, came to serve my fellow Jamaicans in Kingston. I am humbled by their willing spirit and eagerness to serve our less fortunate brothers and sister by providing sports training as a vehicle for 108 of Jamaica's disadvantaged youth. These angels worked hard, using sports to teach self-steem and improve physical well being and cross-cultural learning.

God Bless you all and the children you ministered to. May their lives be forever changed by the love you showered on them, the team spirit you instilled in them and the Christian values and beliefs you fostered.

May you all continue to run the good race, knowing what is important in life and keep on reaching out and touching souls.

Wishing you all God's Peace and Love !

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